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Our Minor is a very special chocolate experience. Each bar offers a unique taste – and an extremely high nut content. Have you discovered all the varieties yet?

Minor Original

Minor Original is known to every nut lover across the country. It is at the heart of the Minor brand and is made according to the original Minor recipe from 1936.

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Minor Almond

The vegan Minor Almond consists of one-third roasted almond chips and is enhanced with the addition of almond milk. 

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Minor Dark 60% Cocoa

Minor Dark 60% Cocoa is delicately bitter, vegan and, naturally, too good to share!

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Minor Coconut Limited Edition

Die Minor Coconut "Limited Edition" ist eine Geschmacksexplosion aus cremiger weisser Kokosnuss, zarten Kokosraspeln und dunkler Minor-Schokolade.

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All Natural

As a family company, sustainability has always been firmly rooted in Minor's DNA. And Minor is taking an important step into the future with the launch of its All Natural product range.

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